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The Sentinel - Kaiba's Briefcase inspired TCG and Tabletop Gaming Storage Case.

Perfect for storing: Trading Cards, Deck Boxes, Sports Cards, Magic the Gathering Cards, Keyforge, Yugioh Cards, Pokemon Cards, and any type of Board Game Cards... etc
Also great for Tabletop Games such as Arkham Horror, Dominion, Cards Against Humanity, Game of Throne LCG, Star Wars... etc. 

Product features:
- Includes 18 Index divider cards (Random Colors)
- Includes 6 movable velcro divider walls
- Comes with 2 combination locks
- Fits 3000+ unsleeved cards or 1400+ sleeved cards.

- Interior: 3 COMPARTMENT of: 300mm x 85mm x 75mm (11.8" x 3.3" x 3")
- Black sponge filled case lid for added card protection

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