Hand made Antique Style Wooden Deck & Counter Box.

The deck box is designed to look like it has witnessed countless card duels over the centuries, thus showing signs of ageing, but a defiant survivor.

Fits 100+ double sleeved cards or 200+ un-sleeved cards, plus a lot of dice and counters on top.

Card Compartment: 95mm x 70mm x 60mm.

Dice Compartment: 95mm x 70mm x 35mm.

External dimensions: 130mm x 110mm x 90mm.


Made from:
- Recycled Plywood
- Synthetic Leather Patterns
- Wax Paint (The more you use the deck box, the shinier it gets. However, it might slightly stain your fingers initially, so please wipe down the deck box with a cloth before using it, and don't put naked cards in the deck box. We also recommend you spend 15 minutes of DIY to paint a layter of wood varnish on top of the wax paint to completely remove the possibility of staining.)

Great for storing Trading Card Games such as MTG, Yugioh, Pokemon, Wow, Vanguard... etc as well as Fantasy Coins and Tabletop Gaming Accessories.

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